Our Team

Blue Peel Productions is an all-female video production company that aims to empower women both behind and in front of the camera through innovative and engaging storytelling that has a social impact.

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Jalena Keane-Lee

Jalena Keane-Lee is the Writer, Director, Executive Producer and Co-Founder of Blue Peel Productions. She studied Film and Political Science and at Wellesley College and has experience both in front of and behind the camera. As a host for the international TV show Eco Company, Jalena interviewed environmental activists around the country. As a production intern for CNBC she wrote articles that involved reaching out to experts from a wide variety of disciplines. 

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Bets Wilkins


Also known as Bets, Elizabeth Wilkins is the Cinematographer, Editor, Producer and Co-Founder of Blue Peel Productions. Most recently, Elizabeth graduated from American University with a degree in Film and Media Studies, and a minor in International Relations with a focus on Environmental Sustainability and Global Health. Additionally, Elizabeth has studied film at FAMU in Prague, and worked with organizations such as the Newseum in DC. 


Sarah Margaret

Sarah Margaret is a writer and producer for Blue Peel Productions. She received her bachelors degree from American University with a concentration in Film and Media Arts and Cinema Studies minor. In addition to film production, Sarah's creative background includes photography, digital imaging, songwriting and acting. As a host, she conducted interviews with gay rights activists for the documentary “Coming Out in the 80’s”. For her most recent project, Sarah wrote, produced, and directed a short film, titled “A Sense for Loss”, while studying film at FAMU International in Prague. 


Lucky Bommireddy

Lucky is the Music Producer for Blue Peel Productions. She majored in Media Arts and Sciences and minoring in Vocal Jazz at Wellesley College. She has been singing since she was three years old, and since then has taken up piano, guitar, and double bass, and studied Carnatic music, Western classical music, pop, and jazz. Lucky's more recent projects have included programmatic  interactive new media installations that explore the intersection of technology, art, music, and social justice, culture, and identity.